In My Garden Feature II

December 7, 2020by Monica Perrone

Monica has recently been featured in another edition of In My Garden, a weekly series of emails sent out to members of The Garden Conservancy nationwide. Her photos were included in the October 27th installment of this series and were chosen from her Instagram account as part of their Reader Submission section where they encouraged members to tag them using the hashtag #opendays25 in the caption. The photo was taken during an onsite visit in Modesto, CA and featured a bronze, flower basket door knob (pictured below). 

For those who are unfamiliar, The Garden Conservancy is a nonprofit organization based in Garrison, New York dedicated to protecting American’s most beautiful gardens and landscapes. From the time The Garden Conservancy was founded in 1989, the organization has remained true to their mission to “preserve, share, and celebrate America’s gardens and diverse gardening traditions for the education and inspiration of the public”. In light of current circumstances and the obstacles that have resulted due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, The Garden Conservancy wanted to offer something unique to their followers that would allow them to stay up to date preservation news and explore America’s best garden views even from the comfort of their own home. Thus, they created In My Garden: A Visual Diary in the Spring of 2020 to offer members the option to explore some of the “behind the scenes” stories of gardens, some of which are not always showcased during normal events and visits.

With restrictions put on garden visiting in person due to current guidelines, this initiative proved to be even more essential when they had to cancel the remainder of their well known and beloved Open Days events where they would visit the country’s most innovative private gardens. In celebration of 25 years of Open Days, The Garden Conservancy published a physical and digital anniversary book featuring this year’s lineup of talented gardeners and their gardens across the country. To view Monica’s other features from previous installments of In My Garden, click here.

Monica Perrone

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Monica Perrone is a Professional Landscape Architect with over thirty years in her industry. She has lived and worked in various regions of the United States with diverse experience including urban planning, landscape contracting, and event design.


With excerpts from Gardens Are for People by Thomas D. Church.

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