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un parc au printemps

An interpretation of a French public garden, this pretty, welcoming destination offers perspectives on culture and nature. Defined by a pathway, nearby fountain, building, and Sycamore canopy, the formal composition celebrates the setting. Clipped hedges provide enclosure, definition, and layering. Exuberant clear pink blooms and a verdant regional plant palette impart gentle movement. Versailles tree boxes contribute classical order, while movable furnishings, a crushed rock floor, and long steps add texture and social comfort. People (and a French mime!) activate the lively outdoor theater, with a mirrored chandelier suspended from a central limb for elevated interest and a sweet surprise.

Monica Perrone

Monica is a Professional Landscape Architect. Her thoughtful, responsive, needs-based design solutions respect the client's priorities with appropriate regard for dynamic site and local conditions. Applying her proven process, Monica offers versatility and ingenuity in evaluating all resources to yield specific, satisfying, and stylish results. She has taught upper-division design courses at the University of California, Davis. The design process for your home should be a joyful experience.

My website is a bit of a garden tour. It shows what people wanted and how I helped them to get it, or if they didn’t know, how I helped them to decide.

To weigh, advise, interpret, integrate, and come up with some answers beyond the ability and imagination of the layman is the role of the landscape architect.


Elevate your spaces by developing a thoughtful, responsive, and specific design with me. Let's talk!

Monica Perrone Landscape Architecture says


to these companies & individuals
for their help in the creation of this garden

Dylan Hendrix, Hendrix Landscape Services
Versailles tree boxes

Trevor Grubaugh, Mather Steel
Chandelier fabrication

Maya Lucia Miramontes Photography
Photography & support

Delta Bluegrass Company
Delta Native Grassland Mix Sod & Kurapia Sod

Rare Digital
Digital Marketing

Craig Maupin, Arc2DZN
Remote GIS landscape site planning

Portuguese Laurel & Boxwood hedges

Cast stone steps & edging

Rick Adam
French Classic Pantomime
Circus Modern
Flavio French Mime

Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley ReStores
Garden move-out material distribution

Sherry Larson
Show Producer extraordinaire

Family & friends

Everything else!

“Let’s give it one more year.”
This garden is dedicated to Mom

Let’s Talk

Monica Perrone is a Professional Landscape Architect with over thirty years in her industry. She has lived and worked in various regions of the United States with diverse experience including urban planning, landscape contracting, and event design.


With excerpts from Gardens Are for People by Thomas D. Church.

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