Home Ranch: Drawings vs Aerial View

September 21, 2020by Monica Perrone

In this installment of “How Drawings Come to Life”, I will be highlighting my experience with turning the design dreams of an English Garden for Craftsman Remodel at Home Ranch into a reality. I began this project over 14 years ago the same as any other by interviewing my client to discuss any opportunities for growth as well as constraints that we could potentially run into along the way. Through this process I made sure to ask questions about functionality, priorities, preferences, concerns, and overall goals for this landscape redesign.

With all of this information in mind, I was able to create the first illustration of what we wanted the space to look like when the project came to a close. As the project continued to unfold, this rendering also evolved into a solid blueprint which played a huge role in bringing us closer to our end goal. 

Both privacy and year-round beauty remained priorities of this project throughout the years. As you can see from the photos above, our overall vision for this space remained the same. Using stone and lush greenery, we were able to compliment the pool’s unique shape nicely and create an outdoor oasis for my clients to enjoy for many years to come. This is only one part of the many renovations that were achieved at this property.

Being that this family estate dates back to 1940, it was important to incorporate modern design elements to bring new life into the space while also complimenting its original charm. In an effort to help this property reach its full potential, I worked diligently with the client, contractors, and craftsman to ensure that we all stayed on the same page in terms of quality as well as design. This property has come a long way since we first began working on it in 2006 and it is safe to say that our ideas that began on paper translated well into practice.

If you would like to learn more about this project specifically or see more comparisons of my drawings and completed projects, be sure to check out the rest of the articles I’ve written on my website!

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With excerpts from Gardens Are for People by Thomas D. Church.

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