The Importance of Curb Appeal

February 25, 2020by Monica Perrone

Have you ever found yourself wondering: “how can I personally benefit from hiring a landscape architect”? Aside from the more obvious fact that paying extra attention to design elements around your home can boost your own satisfaction of your surroundings as a homeowner, studies have shown that landscape architecture can actually benefit you financially in the long run. When it comes to real estate, certain details can make or break deals including, you guessed it — outside scenery! Instances where the surroundings of a home are maintained well and provide unique interest to the property, that home is known to possess better curb appeal than its counterparts. This curb appeal factor can have a massive impact on real estate in terms of how many days a home stays on the market and the amount that a home sells for. 

In fact, an article from the Wall Street Journal discusses a study where researchers determined that “on average a home with excellent curb appeal sold for 7% more than a similar home in the same neighborhood with poor curb appeal”. This figure increased up to 14% in real estate markets favoring buyers at the time. It is also important to not only put effort into your own landscape but to also encourage others in your neighborhood to do their part because that 7% difference was also seen in regards to the curb appeal of the home across the street. 


If you don’t invest in curb appeal, you could be losing out on money when you look to sell your home. Buyers are looking for the “wow” factor when they step out of their cars and look at their new potential home. If the curb appeal of your home doesn’t catch their attention, chances are slim for them to remember it later on when they are ready to make their decision. Not to mention how curb appeal affects the interest of passerby including those who weren’t actively looking to buy but begin to consider it in order to jump on the opportunity to buy your home. 

It’s simple: curb appeal affects more than just your own opinions and feelings. If you care for your landscape, others will start to notice and care too!

You can access the full Wall Street Journal article referenced here:

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With excerpts from Gardens Are for People by Thomas D. Church.

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