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October 18, 2019by Monica Perrone

Over the past thirty years while working in landscape design and contracting, I have enjoyed viewing each new landscape as a blank slate full of endless potential. The Akuka residence was a prime example of a canvas waiting to be transformed. From the beginning of this project, we knew that we wanted to celebrate all of the opportunities that come with a large lot of land by incorporating an open layout. During the planning process, we determined together that our aim for this landscape renovation was to create an inviting, practical, and useful layout while also increasing ease, beauty, and joy within the space. The final target style that we landed on for this transformation was Modern with relaxed, colorful, and casual elements added throughout the landscape.

For this project, it was important that we focus on creating an area that could serve as a source of entertainment for the whole family by adding activities that could be enjoyed by adults and children alike. One element that served as a method for entertaining their children was a trampoline in their backyard. In addition to including elements of amusement in this landscape renovation, providing privacy from all edges of the yard was also a primary concern for the Akuka family. One design concept that we came up with to increase privacy around their pool was to use colored plexiglass fence and gate which would also provide a pop of color, making the space more verdant, playable, and safe. The fence and gate allowed for the awful, old pool cover to be removed. It was important to me that their home and property provided the family with many years of enjoyment. To ensure this goal was reached, I devised a plan to utilize both timeless and durable materials that were appropriate for use in local conditions. I also included consideration for a potential new bedroom into the layout that my clients were debating as a potential add-on in the near future.

After evaluating the current state of their property and creating goals based off of their aspirations of the space, it was time to start strategizing solutions. For their swimming pool, we decided on adding an automatic cover to make it easier to maintain during the off season. To increase entertainment opportunities, we chose to add outdoor seating and grilling areas as well as other site furnishings. In an effort to add more natural beauty, we decided to maximize their lawn and to include more plantings on the property. In order to make the space more practical, we added a storage unit near their swimming pool which would serve as a place to keep excess items out of sight. As a way to make the landscape more inviting to guests, we created walkways, enhanced the entryway, and added modest lighting around the home. Since privacy was an important aspect that we wanted to include in this project, we also included new fencing and gates in our design plan. 

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with the Akuka family in transforming their landscape into the playful, vibrant, and functional space that they always dreamed of!

Monica Perrone

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Monica Perrone is a Professional Landscape Architect with over thirty years in her industry. She has lived and worked in various regions of the United States with diverse experience including urban planning, landscape contracting, and event design.


With excerpts from Gardens Are for People by Thomas D. Church.

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